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Sunderland City Dive Team Squads

Our divers follow a programme of ASA certificate levels, gaining basic skills and supporting them to progress to increasingly challenging dives. We encourage all divers to compete in our own Club Championship and in competitions across the North, nationally and internationally.  We are a small club compared to the giants of Leeds and Sheffield, but year-on-year we have entered increasing numbers of divers for regional competitions, returning with personal bests and medals.

Competitions are important both for the development of the divers and the club.  However, we also want the divers to have fun, make friends, challenge themselves and enjoy the sense of achievement that learning new dives brings.

Divers progress through the squads as their diving develops and they complete each certificated diving level.



Little Ripper 

We receive funding support from the ASA for our Little Rippers squad.  This is a talent development squad made up of younger divers.  This is a national programme and divers attend try-out sessions.  We currently have a full Little Rippers squad.  Future opportunities to try-out for this squad will be posted on the website and advertised widely.


Skills divers progress through the ASA skills programme which requires them to pass a number of different dives and jumps before moving up to the next skills level.  Diving takes courage and all divers are supported to challenge themselves, to refine their dives and to try more and more complicated skills. Divers progress at different rates and every diver, young or old, new or experienced, gets a little stuck from time to time.  Our coaches, all divers themselves, understand how difficult learning new dives can be.  But they also know how rewarding overcoming the challenges is.  Every coach does their best to appreciate the one-to-one support that each diver needs, acknowledging when progression is difficult whilst encouraging them not to fall behind their group. Divers across the skills groups are encouraged to enter regional competitions.

B Group & B Group competitive  

B Group divers are 12 plus who dive mostly for fun but who are

supported to enter competitions should they wish to.

Age Group

Age Group divers are 12+ and expected to compete, entering regional

and national and occasionally international competitions. These divers will

be working beyond basic dives, encouraged to challenge themselves to

work on increasingly more complicated dives.


Masters divers are 18+.  Beginners, people returning to diving,

adults who want to compete or just have fun, and our squad divers who have

turned 18.  This session takes place on a Saturday evening from

5.30 – 6.30pm. Masters divers can use all boards and are supported by the

coach to learn basic skills, progressing through to more complicated dives. 

Our Masters divers in the past have competed in national competitions,

bringing home medals. 


Why not come and have a go or come in a group for some fun.

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