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SCDT is a volunteer led club that relies on annual membership fees and fundraising throughout the year to be able to attend competitions, ensure our coaches and volunteers have access to professional development opportunities, to buy equipment and to allow us to offer our divers additional diving activities at Leeds and Sheffield's facilities.

Our fundraising involves raffles, sponsorship from local businesses, and crowdfunding for specific events.


We are always keen to hear from anyone who has an idea for fundraising or from a business that would like to:

  • sponsor our club or our annual SCDT Championship 

  • to provide funding towards a bursary to support divers to attend national and international competitions

  • to support our ambition to widen participation in diving by supporting children and young people whose families or circumstances prevent them from taking part in sport.

Should you be interested in supporting SCDT either as an individual or as a business please get in touch for a chat

Walking to Tokyo Olympics 2020

We were always going to face a tough 2020 with our pool being closed for severn months for roof repairs. COVID-19 and lockdown added to our challenge to keep our divers motivated, fit and working towards a return to the dive pool. Land based training is crucial for each diver. Stretching, conditioning, gym activities, and other disciplines such as ballet, yoga and pilates all support the diver's strength, core and flexibility.  Alongside regular land based training provided on line by our coaches and through the ASA, we decided to set our divers a challenge to keep them fit and, whilst doing so, to raise some funds.

We invited our divers and their families to walk, run, swim (in the sea), cycle and exercise any way they could, logging their daily activities from 13 June to 8 July.  The aim was to clock up the 5,764 miles from Sunderland Aquatic Centre to Tokyo's Olympic Stadium. 


Congratulations and thanks to everyone who took part. AWESOME.

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