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Why compete?

Competitions are important both for the development of the divers and the club.  However, we also want the divers to have fun, make friends, challenge themselves and enjoy the sense of achievement that learning new dives brings.

There are some key competition dates in the annual local, regional, national and international diving calendar. Coaches will keep all divers informed of competitions and opportunities for squads and individuals to compete.  The competition season starts in October of each year and runs through to July.  The responsibility for attending competitions lies with Sunderland City Dive Team.  We make sure that divers are supported at each competition by a Level 2 coach and additional Level 1 assistant coaches where possible.  We welcome support from parents of divers and appreciate their efforts to make sure younger divers can travel to the various competitions outside of the region.  We never want any diver to miss out on opportunities to attend competition due to financial or parental restrictions.  We will do everything we can to support any diver who needs assistance.

Annual Competition Calendar 2020-21

At this time, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the annual diving competition programme is on hold.  We will update our information as soon as we have news.

Competition fees

Each diver must pay a competition entry fee due no later than 2 weeks prior to a competition. This enables the diver to have their name entered in the competition programme, for their name to be recorded on the dive scoring app Dive Recorder and for the competition organisers to plan for the numbers of competitors in each category. Competition entries are managed by Tony  Pollock, Competition Manager.  Competition packs are prepared and circulated with entry forms and fees for each competition and payment instructions. 

What to wear at competitions?

Divers can wear any swimsuit/trunks they wish to at competitions, conforming to our guidelines on appropriate diving kit. However, we also have SCDT branded, red swimsuits/trunks which many of our divers choose to wear for competitions. These can be ordered via KIT ORDERS 

We would advise divers to come with more than one swimsuit/pair of trunks and even a couple of towels.  Training sessions take place before the competition begins as well as immediately before each event.  This can mean waiting around in wet clothes. We advise all divers to keep warm and dry between their training and events.

Each event is preceded with a parade where each diver is introduced. Please wear one of our SCDT branded hoodies, t-shirts or tracksuit tops for the parade.

We advise divers to have easy slip-on footwear for moving around all the competition venues. These must be removed at poolside.

How to conduct yourself at a diving competition.

All divers will be accompanied by Level 2 and Level 1 Coaches and poolside assistants from their own club at each competition.  Whilst on poolside all divers must follow our code of conduct, respecting all coaches and assistants. Divers will be given an allotted training time alongside divers from all the clubs participating. We expect SCDT divers to be respectful of ALL divers.  To support and encourage each other, to recognise the heightened level of nerves for all competitors and the need for focus.  Our Level 2 Coach has the Committee's authority to decide that a diver will not compete should they be behaving inappropriately on the day.  That said we have never had to withdraw a competitor on a behavioural issue.

When not called to poolside, divers should remain with their parents or responsible adults, conserve their energy and be an ambassador for Sunderland City Dive Team.  Watching other divers, in particular those diving at a higher level, can be exciting and inspiring.


Divers' accompanying adults

Only divers and coaches are allowed on poolside. Should a diver's accompanying adult be required on poolside, they will be called for.  Divers under 16 should not be left alone at the competition venue.

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