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Welcome to Sunderland City Dive Team 

Sunderland City Dive Team is a voluntary run diving club which supports divers of all ages to progress through a pathway of learning, competing and experiencing the enjoyment of diving.  We offer coaching at a range of levels including talent (Little Rippers), skills, development, age group and masters. We also offer non-competition focused sessions for teenagers, promoting fitness and enjoyment.

The club offers :

  • 4m deep dedicated diving pool

  • 2 x 1m spring boards

  • 1 x 1m platform

  • 2 x 3m spring boards

  • 1 x 3m platform

  • 1 x 5m platform

  • Land training at Sunderland Aquatic Centre

  • Trampolining at Washington Leisure Centre


We encourage all divers to take part in a range of diving competitions, nationally and internationally as well as organising our own SDCT annual competition.


Our values:

  • Everyone is valued and encouraged to learn, progress and enjoy

  • Our members are proud to represent the club and Sunderland City

  • We strive to be inclusive, ready to challenge and be challenged


We aim to raise the profile of diving in Sunderland and across Tyne and Wear, to encourage more people to join us, to operate efficiently and effectively as a volunteer led organisation and to welcome everyone regardless of age, ability, gender or culture to experience diving.

Above all we want to support divers to challenge themselves and to have fun.

For all enquiries please contact:

SWIM MARK Essential Award

In November 2020 SCDT was awarded Swim Mark status, Swim England's accredited quality standard for clubs, recognising high standards of governance, sustainability and effectiveness.


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